NamePokémon HOME
ReleaseThe Pokémon Company

Pokemon HOME can collect a complete collection of real Pokemon. Most importantly, here, you can add many types of Pokemon that have been released in the Pokemon series of games; you can also buy and sell different types, communicate with players from all over the world, and be delighted with the gameplay. You will get a unique trading experience; you will be able to use different methods and earn an excellent reputation. You will find a rather pleasant interface in soothing colors in this game project. You can easily cancel it, customize it for yourself and take advantage of other features. Change the background, change the wallpaper you don’t like, and use different design elements.

If you look at the menu, you will see a variety of Pokemon here. Using search, the unique characteristics of each of them and any other information. You will find everything you require and can trade them at any time. Trading will occur on four different platforms, meaning everything will be pretty straightforward to do. Start your show and collect the most valuable Pokémon.

Pokémon HOME MOD

It is bad, everytime I try to use the app, I can't see my pokemon, and cannot trade with the app, making the app 100% unusable for me, which is horrible.. This app is an absolute scam and trash now. I first downloaded this app and was able to transfer ALL my Pokemon from ANY game WITHOUT issue. Now there's a premium paywall that FORCES you to pay to have access to your already stored Pokemon. It gives you access to a box of 30 of your last transferred Pokemon but if you take a Pokemon out of the box it doesn't allow you to fill it with another. So I have stored over 500 Pokemon I can't have access to unless I pay "premium." It's a SCAM!!!. As a first time user I was very confused. Does the app work? For me yeah. Would I say it works well enough I wouldn't consider third party apps instead? Not really. The organization features I find to be messy a tad. Plus either deleting a pokemon forever, or redoing an entire favorites box that seemingly isn't on the switch version. It doesn't seem to be a convenient way to organize in my opinion. And depending on how someone uses pokemon home. That can be important. It would be really helpful to be able to filter out the favourite Pokmon in GTS, please add this option. If your newer to gaming don't buy anything. I was talked into getting back into gaming and have had a BLAST! Was so excited seeing this app and figured a few $ for all the features was worth it. But instead of that I discovered you CANT make an network account unless you have a 3ds or wii u. No where did it say that. All of these helpful red boxes warning you and nothing said I'd need them to make an account..


New update ruined everything I had on mobile. All my pkmn are missing and in a different language not of my choosing. So arkward to use and suffering from frequent glitches making it utterly broken, as a paid service it's utterly disappointing and unreliable.. Can't see my Pokemon whatsoever so I can't trade at all. If I could it would be zero stars till this is fixed. Every update I my game keeps having sane issues of my pokemon not showing and the trade options not working, and the worst part about this is that when you search for Mythical pokemon on the gas, and there is an option saying"Search for pokemon who are looking for legendary or mythical pokemon." And you can't even trade or deposit mythicals, This app needs a total remake if it wants people to enjoy this so called"Great"app. .


I updated my nintendo account info and it wont let me log in now. Says i cant use a different account(im not trying to) and that i cant log in with the details i provided, but also wont give me any options to log in. At all. It just automatically says i cant log in and wont let me even enter my log in info anywhere. Im very upset. I have pokemon trapped in there that ive traded up from much older games. Idk if ill ever be able to access them again with this heinous glitch.. Currently, i cant view my Pokemon on the mobile app. If i click the Pokemon tab, the app freezes and i have to force quit it. App on mobile is kind of broken now. Was a 4 stars before this last update. Mostly does what it advertises but often is overly cumbersome ways. The devs have a tendency to let known bugs and kinks stay unsolved for long periods of time, apparently focusing on adding new features before fixing the ones already rolled out.. I don't understand what the whole data in game thing in order for me to transfer some pokemon please get rid of that condition.


This is a great app and I like it but the sad thing that I don't like is that you can't ask to trade for a shiny or Mystical thats what I'm mad about but all in all its good. Unable to view pokemon, trade, or deposit pokemon on mobile app. Happened immediately following a recent update. I am still able to use the switch version, but I can't trade on the switch version. Have tried reinstalling, using a different device, and clearing cache. Nothing seems to be resolved. It just continues to freeze anytime I try to do anything on the app.. I like using pokmon home, but after latest update I can't trade, or view my pokmon. Just shows Japanese words and blank.. I only have two complaints. One is that I have to force quit the app and restart it in order to recieve completed trades when I get notifications. The other is that if I am connected on other devices to pokemon home, I can't transfer on my phone. I have to go login to those devices to access those boxes. That's not an existing feature though, but I feel like it should be..

Got more issues during the dlc launch from home. now cant do anything on the mobile app at all (can on switch but that isnt helpful when trading is why im trying to get in) also cant bank import because of said errors and even the audio is really bass boosted and the quality of it is next to that of an old midi file trying to play the home theme. all other apps audio works correctly. just this one is having this issue. My cat also screamed and left the house it sounded so loud and bad.. It's a great app. I just really wish you could send pokemon to Pokemon Go. You can with basically every other pokemon game. Why not that one? I understand that Pokemon Go is meant for adventure, but for people who don't go out much, or even travel, makes it difficult to enjoy the game. When you would love to have a way to get the pokemon that you'd otherwise never be able to get. Making friends to play and trade with isn't easy either. This app is perfect for getting pokemon you can't get.. Since the latest update, every time I open the app it disables sound to my earbuds and I have to restart them. Happens if I have anything running in background no matter what it is, Spotify, Patreon, Youtube, what have you, the sound stops but the audio or video continues playing and I have to rewind once my earbuds are back online. Been using this app for years, as of the new update it's faster and works better generally. I need the sound issue to stop though, please fix. When fixed, 5 stars.. Really useful if your a Pokemon player on your switch, make it so much easier to get version exclusives, the only reason I give it a 4 is because you can't request a shiny Pokemon via the wonder box..

Edit: 09.17.2023 STILL WON'T LOAD MY POKMON! HELLO?! I pay for this, and I'm expecting an equivalent refund for how long this doesn't work!!! Original: 09.07.2023 App no longer works. I click Pokmon in the app and it just sits at the main screen. Fix this now, we pay for this dumb app!. Alright, Game Freak, listen up: Fix the sound staying on at loud levels even if you put the sound to zero, the weird japanese reroute error thing, the fact the the GTS is clogged up with impossible trades like a level 1-10 Inteleon or Ogerpon, the slow Wonder Box, the premium option that should be free because you guys make so much money anyways, add a GTS and Wonder Box to the Switch version of Home, make a skip the trade animations option, and improve the slow loading performance. FIX IT ASAP!. It's now giving me an error when I try to get in error code 400 detail code 9001 I can't even access it.. I have had this since it came out, while bugs are to be expected after an update, this is a whole new level of broken. I can not see my pokemon, or trade on mobile. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared the cache data, and have sent in a bug report to be told we are aware but have no timeline for a fix, i cant even cancle the sub i have for this as it still kinda works on the switch but im having trouble depositing random pokemon that have no reason to not be accepted..

I can no longer access my Pokemon, trying to use gts freezes my app so badly that I have to restart it. I have tried to go submit a claim and their UI is so buggy and confusing that I can't figure out how to submit a ticket. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app to fix it, I have cleared the cache and even restarted my phone to fix this and nothing even works. I would honestly rate this negative stars if I could.. Currently useless Can't view any of my pokemon so therefore can't trade pokemon in any manner I've reported to pokemon 4 days ago and still nothing. Useful app. However, there has been a problem with it recently, as it does not allow me to check my Pokmon in my storage on the mobile app. The letters are all glitched, and when trading with someone on the gts, your Pokmon don't load. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S10.. This used to be a great app, until I had to pay for the ability to see all my Pokmon. Now whenever I try to view my boxes, the app freezes and I can't do anything, even after clearing the cache and restarting the app. Guess my Pokmon from the Gameboy years are forever lost to me now. :(.

After update 3.1.0 I can't see any of my pokemon or wonder trade. Sent a request for help and still have heard nothing back.. Usually love this app, but after the most recent update, trying to see all my pokemon gives me a blank screen with japanese letters at the top of the page over the number '6000' so at the moment the app is completely unusable for me other than to see the general pokedex and the news tabs. I love the trading features but my goodness, is this buggy. It has been incessantly slow and freezing since the most recent update for Teal Mask DLC. I adore Pokmon so much but am repeatedly disappointed by how TPC keeps putting out sub par stuff despite how much money is raked in.. Pretty good game except the shiny charmander that I hachted over 2.000 eggs for gpt deleted so I'm mad about that so pokemon home better give me a new one.

Amazing app. A feature I'd like to have is that I'd like an option to look for shiny pokemon. e.g you want a shiny Rayquaza for your shiny Mewtwo. Another thing- id like to be able to trade mythicals. I don't give a darn about those two Phione stuck in my box, I would love to be able to trade them.. App no longer works correctly after the recent update. Ive been trying to trade through GTS but nothing happens when i try to click on someones pokemon to start a trade. My rating was 5 stars up until recently as I have 2 spare Ursaluna to trade for a Munkidori. Apparently, I still "don't have a Pokemon my partner wants" even though I do. Until the distinction between normal Ursaluna and the Bloodmoon boss Ursaluna can be made, frustration is stuck on me like glue. Please fix. TY. Full experience could be free with no substantial cost to Nintendo but they don't care about you and their recent games are proof of that.

been using this quite long but this is the first time I can't even trade and view my Pokemon in mobile version. It works perfectly fine before the update I think so.. Please do some actual QA on your app testing environment before you subject the public to your broken bad app development. The latest update for mobile with the subsequent DLC scarlet Violet release is broken beyond use. You can not use the app for its intended use now.. -2 stars as there is still no way to see if a Pokmon is shiny when viewing the GTS, and for someone who is colourblind, it makes some of the subtle differences in some Pokmon impossible to tell on the tiny thumbnail we are given to see the Pokmon up for trade. -1 star for removing the GTS from the main games and creating a subscription based app to get the best experience out of Pokmon HOME. Edit: -1 star for big S&V DLC update with no colourblind support still.. So I just recently updated the app to the latest update and now I'm getting error code 400 detail code 9001. If I go to my mons they don't show up and the bar at the top has Japanese text (my language is set to English) with number 4000 all in dark green and there's unselect all in red over the number 6000. The gts and wonder box doesn't work either. I tried clearing the data and cache. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but none of that worked..

Whenever I try to select the Pokemon option, it doesn't respond to my taps. Additionally, whenever I want to put a Pokemon up to trade, it glitches and displays random numeric and languages on the Pokemon selection page. Please can you fix this.. Slow and can be a little difficult to use at times, especially on mobile. Wish there was more space for free.... The update messed up my pokemon home app It made it glitch and I can't trade on GTS or despoted them to please fix it. Not as good as it should be needs more mystery gifts for Pokmon Shield and Sword and it could be awesome if it had its own little game built in so you can train the Pokmon.

Ok, well, this game is pretty great, but I've been having some issues, therefore I'm giving in this way, but very good for keeping shinys, I don't want.. I really like the app for it's trading but please fix the furfrou problem I put up a reshiram for one because I've been wanting a shiny Groudon problem is NOBODY EVEN HAS A PHAROAH TRIM FURFROU I SWEAR IT DOESN'T EXIST. Great and only option for storing Pokemon. Shame you have to pay the yearly subscription, but worth it to keep the thousands of Pokemon collected. Love the fact it is cross platform, and has minimal problems on my devices.. Eventually they fix things. It's slow but it'll never happen again, so if you have problems just report and have patience..

Love how easy it is to use, and to transfer pokemon between games! So useful. Even on mobile it has its amazing uses. Like wonder trades and the Global Trading System. Awesome.. To be honest this has been the most helpful thing for me when trying to complete the pokdex. I am glad they made this app so I can also transfer my previous shinies from other switch games.. I just wish there was a way to turn off the cutscenes (or at least tap to skip'em) between GTS trades. Like the "receive all" feature in wonder trade. The minutes stacks into hours watching trades go by gets real old, real quick.. Me at 3 am looking for a trade were someone doesnt need lvl 100 pharaoh trim furfrou (been looking since 3:01 am yesterday).

The application is great, but there's room for improvment. Push notification for wonder trade completed doesn't show after 1 hour, as the time it takes for the trade. The push notification arrives only after several hours and multiple times after short period of time.. It has been a few years since Home has launched and it still leaves a lot to be desired for such a high annual price tag. GTS is still filled with illegal requests, serious feature fragmentation between mobile and Switch version, clunky and slow UI, low resolution/pixelated Pokemon models, slow addition of support for Switch titles, inability to move certain Pokemon (Spinda) due to poor coding, etc. Needs to be better for a paid service... Just keeps giving me some message in Japanese when I open the app. I click "ok" and it just sends me the message again. I can't do anything else.. The new 2.0.0 update has rendered Wonder Trade and GTS features to be unusable, as only "All Pokmon" only shows up on the box selector list, with none of the boxes appearing. In addition, when scrolling through the Pokmon list, the app tends to encounter freezes (ANR) quite frequently. (2.0.0WonderTradeGTS ANR).

I am trying to re-enter into the app. When it starts loading up, a message appears but the message is in Japanese. So I can't understand what it is saying other than the date and time showing under that message. Please fix it. Amazing just one problem there is trade offers that are impossible eg Husain zorua that can go to sw/sh font suppose you can sort that out Thx. I don't think this is a bad app it's the company that owns it that is terrible. Pokemon home is everything wrong with pokemon in 2023 its overpriced and it tricks you into transferring pokemon from your 3ds even if that pokemon isn't available in any game so you just have to keep paying or you loose it forever. And 7 MONTHS for the S/V update is horrible. This app also has other problems like poor quality textures and sound bugs.. Well it really deserves a zero star yall really want us to pay to transfer our pokemons wat that hell n i didn't even know until i transfer them yall trash.

This app has been around far too long to have no shiny for shiny trade function in the GTS, also something that should have NEVER been in the app is the impossible trade offers, the GTS and trade systems function like absolute garbage, please clean this up.. I can't transfer my mythical pokemon meloetta and Diancie from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Scarlet. I've tried contacting someone, but no one answers. I want my money back.. It won't stop sending me more than one notifications that wonder trade is complete. Also it becomes unresponsive and does nothing frequently when I tap on a deposited pokemon that has been traded on GTS. As long as its gonna do this annoying stuff, I'm gonna keep this one star review here.. I really enjoy seeing all the different pokemon but it would help to get like maybe a quick sort option to alphabetical or numerical sorting pokemon in every box to help with locating pokemon instead of having to manually sort pokemon in each box.

App loads only a 3rd of the time, Global Trade is an absolute mess as people are requesting Pokemon forms that are currently impossible to attain, they do this to show off shinies they have but they're clogging up the trade requests. it's great to be able to store and transfer over Pokemon, though the premium prices are a little absurd. the price of this service is more than Nintendo Online for your Nintendo Switch. I personally think a Nintendo Online subscription should completely cover the premium costs of Pokemon Home, but y'all know Nintendo, they love money, more than their fans. many of the Pokemon you transfer over from Pokemon Go can't be transferred to Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. leaving them in limbo forever.. This is great for getting unobtainable Pokemon but furfrou varients is such a pain to get and should be able to in the next Pokemon game or something like that. I use this a lot for my games and it's a very good app but I've noticed some issues in the trading function. Sometimes people are asking for impossible pokemon, like a level 1-10 dragapult or a hisuian voltorb that they can move to let's go Pikachu and eevee and it's really annoying, so I hope you can fix this in the future.

I can't even begin to explain all of my frustrations with this app, I pay to use this service and it barely works. I'd rather catch every pokemon 800 times over than pay another penny for this broken app.. i use this for trading pokemon easily that i get from violet and other games on switch. it makes it so much easier, 5 stars!!!. The app is great my only complaints are you can only store up to 30 Pokemon at a time without paying for a service upgrade which gets annoying at times and the other is that when you upload a Pokemon to trade for another you can choose the trades gender, the form, the game you want it for and all that stuff but you don't have under options the option to select you want a shiny version of the character in your trade. Hopefully in an update they'll give us an option to select you want a shiny. I found this app hard to navigate. Also I have received notification that this app keeps crashing in the background eating up my battery..

It's a stupid restriction to not allow people to trade special Pokmon, especially ones who had one event released then never were looked at again..

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