Remixlive APK Mod 7.5.4 (Premium Unlocked)

Last update September 19, 2023


Coming to Remixlive, you will enjoy music that has long become part of world culture. Currently, you can enjoy almost any genre of music from countless different artists and bands worldwide. And that’s not far away thanks to technology, or to be precise, Remixlive, which will make it easy for us to enjoy many songs with just a few small taps. Remixlive is an excellent tool whose primary purpose is to create and edit music. After launching the application, users can choose one of three music directions. These are Deep House, Hip-Hop, and Dubstep. After selecting the desired direction, six columns appear before the novice or experienced musician, each with four buttons.

The first column is responsible for the drums. Some “blank style” will be activated if you press any button. Moreover, it is possible to launch simultaneously – which turns out to be very efficient. The next column controls the bass, 3 and 4 are responsible for the tone, and the last two are responsible for the Fx/SFx. On the right is a toolbar from which you can adjust the sound intensity of both effects and individual tracks, connect a microphone to record voiceovers, and add any music from your smartphone while applying any filter to it. All in all, the functionality of the Remixlive app will suffice for the experimentation of users who are just beginning to master the art of making music and for those with little experience in audio. The app has many settings and capabilities to create near-professional tracks—a pocket music studio.

Remixlive MOD

How do you turn off the count in when recording? If this isn't a feature, this app really needs to consider this. I see the potential in this app, but omg the user interface is really hard to use. Paid for the full version and matching my samples is ridiculously hard and I just spent 3 hours preparing and loading samples into the various boxes only to lose all my work. This is my experience so far. The premade stuff is great but working on making your own stuff isn't easy.. This app is real amazing download drill,Rnb,and all beats but you should make more free beats coz we don't have more money to pay every year. If money don't get spent your not going to like this app step recording is not for free. the main reason I download this is because of the recording feature but can't use For free fu@#. its graet if u want ads u get ads if u dont want ads u dont get ads the beats the songs oh i love this app. I Love this app is amazing the only thing that I found wrong is where is select HQ recording, it says that it's unable to download my recording after I make a song. And I think that you guys should offer for like 4.99 more per month a sound mastering tool similar to what all the other audio apps have. But other than that this is a rockstar app its amazing. Really convenient really easy to use and really easy to learn.

Remixlive APK

Midi not working anymore with novation launchpad x. When I plug the launchpad into the phone it does register it as a plugged in but the mapping doesn't show up on the device and the pad won't register.. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I had to come tell the world GET THIS APP WHILE YOU CAN.....what you've guys have given me this morning is priceless I CANT SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS APP I was 21 and back in the club at my fingertips!. I'm learning how Use Music as a new way Of how powerful THE POWER OF LOVE IS ....SHO LOVE AND SPREAD WORLD PEACE....PEACE OUT.. I'm rlly into music and Remixlive is everything I hoped it was. I'm sure I haven't seen everything or learned all this skills yet but, it's great. You can take lessons to learn how to make music and so much more! The only problem (for me) is the in app expences like- I want to make more music and be able to do more but, some of the skills I want to use cost money (most things are free tho!) I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCHHH!! <33 btw I was not paid to praise this app lol these are all my own words :))).

Remixlive APK

RemixLive is stand alone the best creative tool with endless capabilities. The most "Awesome app" it's loaded with great software and it's interface is complete and easy to use for advanced beat and song makers. Allowed to be creative is the key to this music making app is that it's affordable and constantly adding new software packs great job development. What a great app for making music easily, so fun, but I really wish there was more free music. Developer, please can you give us free users some more music, maybe the metal pack as an example . i love this it's amazing the loop i love it i made up my own beat i think you guys should try it it's fun i love this app. This app is really good and you don't have to pay to get the app, you just sign up and do your thing. Me and my sister were making a beat and it turned out great. I would recommend this app to DJ's and people making music..

Remixlive APK

I love the app and all, with very cool beats, I do. But I don't understand why most of the cool music has to be so expensive. Like seriously, what's that! . I filmed a video on that game but I ended up having to put non-copyrighted music because the music was copyrighted. 1/5. Great app, easy to make beats but whenever i try to listen to a recording it keeps saying that I cant play.. This App is so good, I can't stop playing. With all the different options available the app has endless capabilities .

This is a great music app but it could use more music types, like the scratching disc (I think it's called that) But yeah, it's a good app. Maybe you should add some electric music, I have no idea what that is called but it could use some of that. Thank you for reading this. Have a nice evening.. Intuitive and powerful. I bought the new step sequencer add-on, and came across a couple of oddities, hence the missing star. The single shot option only affects the first beat while the remainder continues looping, making tidy finishes tricky. When selecting the number of beats for the sequence, it presents a drop down list of limited choice - so no good for compositions in 6/8 or 3/4 for example (or the new 5/4 fad!). Shame. Otherwise a brilliant and well conceived piece of software.. If you think this is some silly app . Your way wrong. This is everything you need to formulate an understanding of dj experiential music journey dance creations. ( even ) For any genre . .. this app great for making real music using timers and tempos and rhythms and melodies and great sample packs.. some super lovely ideas . . Mix it up. It's all there. Amazing times and Amazing energy is packed in. By the time you get it... You'll be booking weddings with an auxiliary cord and your phone. Lol. This is actually really good. It has a lot of variation in how you can structure patterns and record them. The packs are good quality. The keyboard is good to jam sounds into new patterns. The ability to change the BPM and key is a plus. It would be nice to record from the pads direct to the sequencer. But still, it's a really fun tool with Ableton ability. It would benefit from import wave loops for drag n drop. I recommend it if you produce..

It's Good But It Will Be Very Cool If You Make A PC Version This Will Be Cool So PLEEEEEEAAAAASE Make A PC Version (Windows). I'm telling you this is my best one yet I really love this one and the control that you have I just wish there were more free beats free packs. Keep up the good work guys . Nice app. Good music production. But does not work on my new Samsung headphones. It now makes an unpleasant crackling and highpitch squeaking when ever I play more than one sample. This only started after I bought the premium version of the app.. Its a wonderful program but currently, even with a stable internet connection, the Homepage "Packs & Features" wont load, "Sound Packs" wont load, nothing loads and instead is stuck in a permanent loading screen :c.

The game is really amazing but one problem is that when making a beat it sort of pauses and on and on, if they fixed the problem it would be much more fun . This app is good but only have minor scale loops.It should have major scale as well. Also there should be some loops for romantic melodies. Everything is quite hip hop and pop in the app. Thanks!. thia app on a chrome book is not good, its bc when i try to download a pack it won't load.

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