NamePokémon Masters EX
ReleaseDeNA Co., Ltd.

Pokémon Masters EX – Adventure arcade in the world of pokemon. Before you is an exciting toy in the genre of “arcade” in an adventure style in the world of well-known Pokemon, in which you need to collect a squad of seasoned Pokemon and fight in the “3 on 3” format with enemy creatures.

If you like these types of games, then we recommend that you download Pokémon Masters for Android. The game features a classic turn-based combat system. As in similar games, you will become a trainer who needs to collect a squad of seasoned Pokemon, explore the world, and fight enemy squads. All battles are played in the 3v3 format. A distinctive feature of the game is that well-known Pokemon, heroes of the 90s, and the beginning of the “zero” act as fighters.

Today you will have the opportunity to become a trainer and collect all the Pokemon in your collection, and then fight other players and their creatures. Each battle takes place in turn-based mode. During combat, you can choose who to hit, as well as defend and use various abilities of your creatures. Each Pokémon has its own abilities and skills. Each Pokémon has its own value. Creatures can be obtained for completing tasks, as bonuses, or found in the vastness of the universe. Download Pokémon Masters for Android and start looking for Pokémon.

Pokémon Masters EX MOD

This game is absolutely so good and I have been playing it for more than 3 years the graphics are so good too but I think a new feature should be there of trading syns pairs so that everyone will make so much friends too in any other Pokemon game you can see this feature I think that that will make the game best. I'm actually quite surprised this game is broken it took me so many years just to play four 25 minutes really though that whole situation with Nintendo account error needs to be fixed because it took for me to make an account discounted for my Nintendo account Just to get 25 minutes of game play il give you five stars but still you need to work it out. if i could I would give it zero stars 1 the data download when I click no it has something else and I click no then it I have to click again and again and again it never ends unless click yes but I dont have enough space athen again. Holy sh.., I returned to this game after years, played all the new content I had plus all the ones I had, almost 40k and went full on the Emo blond dude banner, the one with the very generous 12% 5star rates, and got NOT A SINGLE 5 STAR!! how!?? even games with 3% rates are less bs than this, now I remember why I quit this p2w garbage. I'm only mad bc I logged back in and I found out a large number of sync pairs that I grinded for are now missing and are no longer in my dex.

Pokmon Masters EX APK

This game is so bad because there is something blocking the way and I did everything and it did not work so please send help. As of 2/7/2024, the devs have still yet to remove their plague of an energy system that was added sometime in 2020. After having spent over $ 200 USD on this game before there was an energy system, it truly is a shame that the devs have succumbed to such filth. They refuse to answer my email to the support team regarding this matter so they clearly don't care. This used to be such a good game.. Didn't play for a while came back and lost everything when I went to link my account it just rebooted the new one. The game looks like it's from the 80s ugly, and it doesn't fill the screen of my tablet, it looks like it was a cell phone screen..

Pokmon Masters EX APK

why is my account gone. opened the game and it asks me to enter my age. I've spent almost 200$ on this game since it came out. where is my account.. Hey game Dev's I have a request can u bring an event that has an on normal mode 50 tickets like the recent cyrus event pls I look forward.... Absolutely love this game, I've been having alot of fun through the week I've played it. There's no real feedback I can give you improve anything because it's like any other game in this type of field. (But better.) You have a story to follow, earn gems pretty easily at the beginning, and have epic Pokemon battles with your favorite trainers. Other reviews need to stop whining about pay walls and if the battles are "too hard" if ya can't battle put it on auto yo--But anyways I love it. :). I love the verity of scink pars, but 3 stars because I can't stop pulling 3_4 star traners and will ocanly get a five star.

Pokmon Masters EX APK

So far my game us doing just great, all the trouble is when you forget your economy and get a bit too excited in scout banners , and to be honest it happens with me almost all the time. But when sometimes the almighty hears your prayer you can get surprisingly lucky. But if you use your resources nicely to strengthen your team, then you can play events which come in plenty every month.I just feel that some more guaranteed five star scouts(non-paid for f2ps) for special events will do great.. I love the game bcoz it was first Pokemon game i have ever played. But yes there are some problems also like getting gems number of them is low and i am having new account as old is not working and having issue to collect pokemon from scout bcoz of gems i cant pay money and for free player its hard to collect so i would like to suggest to do something about gems. This Is Trash When I loaded up the game it tells me to download smth I downloaded it over and over but it still wouldn't let me play the game If u have any spare storage DO NOT use it on this game. Alright game, but man, the downloading process / update is so frustrating because it always repeats itself until it crashes. Have to give it two stars for those issue. otherwise it would be worth four stars..

Worst game ever ...... The game is not opening , showing 10110 error ....... Customer service is speachless ..... i had tried to contact with them , but didn't even respond .... If there is any rating in minus , i will definately rate it .... This game is cool,entertaining and enjoyable.Only two things:ADVERTISEMENTS and more fun to the story mode leaving those things everything is great.Vamos!!. The game itself is enjoyable, but I wish that it was easier to collect gems. I do multi-scouts, and you get ~3 free scouts when you start, but it gets harder to collect gems, with the only exceptions being Blissful Bonanza, Battle Villa, and Legendary Arena. I also like the concept of the special completion rewards and bingo missions, and I wish for more development. I'd also prefer the addition of a function that allows you to remove egg sync pairs that have been formed by accident.. Awesome game! I enjoyed playing Pokemon Masters EX every day, there are tons of sync pairs and story missions and events that can be played! Keep up the good work! Truly a great gacha game! This game however is now full of master fairs and way less gems :(.

Ok so I had to change my review because I can't even get the resource files download Honestly some help or something would be nice it's been like this for a year and a half now I'll try downloading it every other month and it just won't work. Look I love the game I TRULY do but... I wish they would make it easier for F2P players instead making lots of stuff cost money... like why does a 10 pull cost 3000 gems?!. The game is great but went I reinstall the I have to redownload the data and I try to download the data it keep restarting. It also happened with my other phone I hope you can fix this issue.. The game is not to hard but not to easy. That is what I like the most keep it up.

Personally, the game is great! The rates are VERY good and gives new players a good introduction to Gacha Games. Materials are easy to get and by grinding and a bit of luck, you can get whoever you want. Gameplay-wise, the combat is really solid. 10/10. Blunt review over the negatives, Im making this after doing the tutorial, the characters animations have a sort of bounce to it and are pretty harsh in transition when walking away or between animations. Its wierd seeing different gen characters together in one room. going more into the battlestyle its "interesting" you get a team of 3 characters who fight with their designated partner pokemon you control with no sense of turns, being a triple battle every time + the move 'affects' kinda wierd. I AM A REGULAR PLAYER AND IT IS VERY HARD TO GET GEMS IN LATE GAME PLEASE MAKE MORE AND EASY WAYS TO GET GEMS AND I JUST DID THE 6TH LEON SCOUT NOW I WANT HIM I LITERALLY WASTED 18000 GEMS ON HIM I WON,T PLAY THE GAME I JUST WANT HIM. Loads of fun. Pokemon go should've adapted this into their game as its really fun. More a traditional battle game..

Takes so much data when i already download 1304 mb and then i played for five minutes and then said download 1304 mb or my game will reset thank god i have extra 100gb #plsdontusesomuchdata and lusamine is not evil. I mean the game is OKAY but it feels so damn cheap like they barely put any effort into it. Good game, but the download seems a little unnecessarily large. Installs several large packages within the app after the update, so a 45 mb update from Google Play might include another 250 mb update once the app is launched. A little annoying. Takes up about 3 gigs on my phone.. I played this on release and lost my phone got a new one only to discover my account was lost. No point playing a game like this that has faults in progress saves. To much money and work gone for me to start again. Pathetic game.

Enjoy the game. But!!! Cannot buy any gem. Its say limit. Display turn off automatically during idle auto battle. How to fix?. I enjoy the gacha part of the game, and it seems fairly fair, generally I get at least one new character per pull. The only part so far I've had trouble with is the Victory Road in the Champion Stadium, which acts out more like a tutorial that seems extremely unfair despite the fact it's unlocked after you've gotten through a decent portion of the game. It was extremely frustrating and seemed more like a reason to annoy the heck out of the player than be good and fun.. Hi all, great day all, I wish GOOD LUCK to you guys, it's been years we've been together, but..coz of SPACE AVAILABLE, finally I've surrendered..I uninstall it 18.2.24.. My ALWAYS REVIEW for this game, play all mission, get diamonds and find pokemon trainer, if you lucky, you get all elements of trainer, i spent 25 dollar i am satisfied had to know, sometimes computer attack quicker, but that makes me eager to find more secrets on powers, which had to play it daily . This game is quite easy to play yet it also requires strategy to win. It is also very generous with their free gems. The reason i rate it 4 star was because how long it takes for Main story to update..

It's worth the time to play, but it's way to easy to level and break the level cap. If they were to make things harder to level up and find level up items, it would be 5 stars. Seeing as this game is made by DeNA, the same company that made Blood Brothers 1 and 2. This game will most likely be removed from all app stores within a few years with little to no notice. They were great games, had no real reason to shut them down, but they did.. The game is the best game in Pokemon content but the data to download super high so some people can't play this game.

Download ( V2.42.0 )

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