NameQueue jumping
Size98.4 Mb
ReleaseRollic Games

An exciting adventure in which you will stand in line. You will have to stand in a massive queue in the Queue Jumping game project. It won’t be as easy as you might expect at first. You will not have to wait, but carefully and quietly move along and overtake people.

The line is quite long. You can stand in it for hours, so you decide to act. Slowly move around the people in front of you and move forward confidently. You need to be in time for a certain amount of time, which is why you will have to try and get around your competitors. Do not stop. Tiptoe and unnoticed so that the guards do not see you. Try not to talk, not to push people in front, so as not to create a problematic situation for you. If you are suddenly noticed, you will have to rush forward and run away from the guards quickly.

Queue jumping MOD

And it's just that the sensitivity is like it's like all the way up but this game is fun and maybe make a button that can customize your character or something like that. Pretty ok there's ads I wouldn't say way to many but ads after levels also there's a glitch in the game that if you spam the reward when you make it to the end of the queues you can just keep collecting money until the ad starts.

Download ( V1.1.7 )

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