NameRocket Clash 3D – Explosive Shooter
ReleaseFreeway Interactive

The coolest team shooter. Rocket Clash 3D – Explosive Shooter is here you will find a lot of adrenaline, reckless action and much more that you will definitely like.

You have to lead a squad of the most powerful heroes, confront enemy secret groups and take full control of the missile silo. Here you can only be helped by an excellent tactical scheme that you yourself will develop. You will have an AK-47 in your hands, as well as other secret weapons that you can use. You will have to beware of poisonous spiders, poisonous puddles from rocket fuel, as well as terrible underground corridors that you will have to explore. An excellent pumping system awaits you, which gives you the opportunity for a certain advantage in the next battle.

You will be pleased with excellent three-dimensional graphics, bright lighting, as well as everything that will provide you with full depth of diving. Play with your friends, get to the first place in the leaderboard and become the best in this battle. The game is played in a third person, and you will find quite dark corridors, an upgrade of your hero, as well as a powerful rocket launcher that you will have to find.

Rocket Clash 3D – Explosive Shooter MOD

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Download ( V1.1.3 )

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