NameSuper Cats
ReleaseHappy Universe Studios

Super Cats, you have to play the role of a cat who will fight in different areas. This cat will be the most courageous in the world, as absolutely everyone is afraid of him. Destroy any enemy, pick up excellent weapons and play the most exciting matches. In this most exciting project, you have to participate in group confrontations, play three-on-three games and destroy any opponent.

Choose extraordinary heroes who can die for you, but don’t let the enemy win. Move across the big arena, raid the enemy together with your allies and destroy any of them.

Take them by surprise, win three-minute confrontations, and take the lead in the global space. Buy yourself excellent weapons, use a shotgun or rocket launcher and see how fun the enemies will scatter in all directions.

It’s time to put things in order here, as the opponents begin to think that they are the owners of the whole world and that everything is allowed—a large number of characters, a lot of different maps, and an incredible arsenal of various weapons. Individual battles with other players and the outcome of any struggle depend only on you.

Super Cats MOD

I like the game and again I am disappointed. I am disappointed because in order to get new characters you work through the the bonus pass/glory road. So far I have gotten all 3 cats.. HOWEVER, if you would like more cats you can't get them unless you buy the bonus pass.. it's not like brawl stars where you would work really hard on getting as many boxes as you can to get new characters.. chances of getting new characters are highly unachievable less you buy a bonus pass. -brawl stars is better.. Does no one research before saying this game is a rip-off? Just because Supercell is famous doesn't mean that they are the original creators of something smh smh. This game is a lot of fun and I love the character design and development with such unique names that just gets me so excited about the game and playing it. extremely uninspired and pretty low quality, usually games which are multiple concepts put together should have something that makes it worth it, like the inspiration being applied lightly keeping other stuff fresh, or having exciting original concepts, or high quality and does most things better than the games that the inspiration was taken from, but its close to being considered a rip-off, its probably not ill-intentioned, but i dont see why you would play this over Brawl Stars or LoL. There are so many idiots that rate this 5 stars "Oh I love cats!!!!5/5!!!! "Not Ripoff!!" "This is better than Brawl Stars!!!!!!"Just shut up this is a copy of brawl stars oh and also Brawl Stars was in beta since 2016 This is released in 2018 COPYCATS ALL THE 5 STARS REVIEVS ARE FAKE .

Super Cats APK

I love this game when I heard this game from my little sis I tried it and it's awesome, but I wish the game has more animation to the game but keep up the work. Kind of boring it's obviously a rip off of brawl stars but I wouldn't say it's the worst game I've played. The concept is a LOT better than Brawl Stars. Firstly, it's competitive whereas Brawl stars is a joke with too many modes. Secondly, it's a lot more customizable where you can upgrade the stat you want. Thirdly, you get drops from items, moba modes, and it's overall more interesting rather than the super repetitive Brawl Stars. The game could use some polishing up, especially for controls but if they improve it, it'll be a great game. Also, they seriously need more classes, not just 3. Bad gameplay, awkward controls and just bad overall looks of it... I instantly didn't take the game seriously after hearing the match start sound which is from Bloons Tower Defense 6 victory music..

Super Cats APK

It's just a rip off of brawl stars,So it Sucks,Also the game is so boring that I can get some fun, Because how bad it is. LoL Have To register???? I play in 2020 NO REGISTER UPDATE HAVE TO REGISTER WHAT THATS WHY THIS GAME NO ONE PLAYS. Would rate zero if I could. It never makes it past login screen, just a infinite loading screen. Been like this for awhile now and still not fixed. I think this games concept is good . Most people in the reviews are saying that it is a copy of brawm stars then i must inform you that this game was released on 17 november 2016 whereas brawl stars was released in 2017 And i also remember playing this game in the summers of 2017 and at that time brawl stars wasnt even released.

Super Cats APK

This game copied everything in brawl stars. Every character you see there is all the brawlers in brawl stars but with other designs.. These guys tried being brawl stars before being brawl stars, but faillied and got utterly destroyed and humiliated by the community and dev team. Clear ripoff of brawl stars and its super hard to get brawlers and when it said garrenteed a brawler I didn't get anything worst ripoff ever I want to get a 0 in rating just for this app and tanks a lot. its a great game! Did a good copy cat version of brawl stars, dont know why everyone is hating they did a good job, knock offs are generally unplayable now a days..

To sum up this whole ENTIRE game in one word is plagiarism. They stole a majority of the characters mechanics from brawl stars. Don't belive me? The starter character is the exact same as Shelly from bs. The thanos looking character in the pass on tier one ( yes they literally stole the design from thanos ) is an exact copy of El primo also from bs. The game play is boring as hell and does the same mobile game thing were you have to kill three enemies than progress the area and level up.. Its a good game really,the one thing is that the max level is 70 and i respect that but raise it plz. Not bad game! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that tower defense is SO EASY. The upside is there's almost no adds which is good so please keep updating. Super bad and you will literally never unlock a new cat without paying and it's a ripoff of brawl stars.

I do recognise this game type somewhere but doesn't matter. This game is cool. At least the movement is a bit fast than other games the controls are easy too. Fun games.. No just a no.. Stop trying to copy brawl stars! OK OK you think that u reply me that u are not trying to copy brawl stars but we all know ALREADY! but pls just.. Pls make YOUR OWN game that does not copy if u make a game that does not copy other games a bit i will give this 4 OK just pls!. Good game but the game keeps getting stuck as we play that was the only issue i got nothing else though. A WHOLE COPY OF BRAWL STARS!ITS THE EXACT SAME JUST ITS CATS AND DIFF. NAME!!!!Call your game COPY CATS INSTEAD.

I wouldn't say it's the best game it's a rip off of brawl stars but not too bad the thing that I found weird is that D.Va from overwatch in in the game but catified. A very nice game but I'm getting frustrated when I can't heal in adventure can you plz make us heal in adventure mode plz do that. It's just a rip-off of brawl Stars the controls are super sluggish it's extremely pay-to-win the adventure mode is bad if you want a better game just play Brawl Stars. A very... interesting... crossover of mobile games. The characters are a mix of Brawl Stars and League, it's really obvious, and the game modes too. Well, the Tower Rush is LoL, but simpler. Then there's the Adventure mode, which is Archero gameplay. I thought it was cool at first, but quickly became aware of how awkward the controls are. The buttons are fixed in place, making it difficult to shoot and aim at times. Moving could be smoother. Honestly, just a trippy experience. Recommend trying..

Download ( V1.0.159 )

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