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Last update September 20, 2023

NameTenmilli RPG
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Very entertaining adventure RPG. Tenmilli RPG is able to give you the most exciting pastime, as well as completely satisfy the nostalgia for pixel projects.

Here you can definitely feel your abilities as a real hero. All this will help you cope with the most dangerous adventure you have ever experienced in your life. In this vast world, scary and very powerful creatures, terrifying orcs, monsters, and many other creatures await you. We must do everything possible to help the researchers of this planet find the enemy’s most vulnerable spot and then defeat him. Tenmilli RPG will amaze you with an incredibly large and completely open world. In addition, you will experience unexpected life situations and other possibilities in this story. Complete interesting quests, clear the territories from monsters, and play in real-time.

Tenmilli RPG MOD

Awsome RPG!!! There are lots of secrets and bosses with classes! One of the best rpgs! FINAL UPDATE: I've finally beaten this game. It's tough, but very enjoyable. Make sure you craft alot. Change classes and use your favortite team. The TRUE final boss is tough so you need to prepare. Not many gave developers put much effort into their games, but this is one that had lots of effort put into it. I just wish there were more dialouge. EDIT: Its okay, just translate my messages into japenese. Omg One Of The Best Games I Ever Played, I Played The Game In One Seating For 5 Hours And Have No Regret, Pleaseeee Make More, Also What Program / Engine Did You Use To Make This Game? This Inspired Me To Make One Too!. I remember playing this a couple years ago when I was bored and I LOVED this game, I still do! This game was a blast! Still haven't beaten It yet but planning to :D this, Yorozuya RPG and Summon Mate were my favourites. What a fantastic game! Feels just like a classic jrpg.The only criticism I've got is the fact that, for English speaking players like myself, it's extremely difficult to get any kind of direction in terms of advancing. But, as with most games, a little exploration and a lot of patience will get you where you need to go. Awesome job, dev(s)!. I'm typically not a fan of random encounter games but I like this one because it's like the classic Zelda games. Nice open world and in depth characters which I enjoy. Challenging but not too difficult for the average gamer..

Tenmilli RPG APK

It's like a modified version of the old game Zelda. Which I really enjoyed playing. Still learning on this one. One thing you have to change, is show the hit points of the enemies. You have no idea what you're fighting against without seeing their hit points.. Very fun! The english is broken which makes it hard to understand but a good game! I did everything to do with 15 hours in the game! What software/app did you use to make the game? It looks nice. Are you planning to make a second one? Your other games are good!. This game was fun. I had to find a guide online, because the english translations are so bad. NPCs often speak gibberish and I didnt know they were giving me clues where to go next.. Its a fun game(10+ hours to fully finish) and easy to enjoy. I would have given it a higher score but theres little to no direction in the game and the story seems lackluster. The dungeons and bosses are challenging and some good rewards but as for the direction and meaning behind them is lost. Its a solid fun experience but not one I'd want to revisit..

Tenmilli RPG APK

Can't even open the game without seeing ads. Instant uninstall, so I have no idea if the game is fun or not.. You have to figure out(quest)by yourself, which is fun in its way. The only thing bothers me is my Redmi 9T always get 'screen burn' whenever I play over 1-2 hours. Is it harmful? Pls fix tq. I love this game but there is one complaint. I am missing one dragon stone and can't find it anywhere. Please give some kind of map / radar access to where the missing pearls are located.. The game is very good. It reminds me of an old game called Cobra City which is very similar to this game. The drawbacks from the game is the lack of tutorial for new players, no animation on the stories. It would be better if you could add a video-like animation to the story. Also, I've finished the game but I still haven't unlocked all characters. Did I miss something? Edit: I've received all characters. Thank you very much in advance for the devs!.

Tenmilli RPG APK

It's super fun! I kinda wish it had a little more story and was a bit longer, but otherwise it's a great game!. Decent old school rpg without all the Gacha and limited stamina etc most games have. Ads aren't a problem either.. Beautiful graphics with an old school flavour RPG. The different characters abilities allow a measure of battle strategy that is uncomplicated and fun. There are some nice locations to enjoy a little grinding, and the exp and gold gained are quite rewarding. The ads are not intrusive and don't interfere with the gaming enjoyment. I strongly recommend if you like classic RPG playing.. Brilliant game. I'm a couple hours in and loving it. Love the old school rpgs. The controls work well. A very pleasant game to play. .

Very fun. I love these games. There my favorite on app store. I would hardly change anything on any of them.. Your games are absolutely brilliant! All of them. These are exactly the kind of mobile games I've been looking for for a long time. Ones that play like the oldschool JRPGs. Great art and style, original yet very nostalgic. My only regret is that I didn't find them years ago. Definitely a hidden treasure trove. A special thank you to the very dedicated individual who created them.. Awesome game. It is a true old school rpg with all the elements to keep you playing. Ads are very non intrusive and reasonable priced to remove them.. This game is old school which I love. It could pass for a game from 1986. I would like to get to know the main characters personally, but after 4 hours of playing I still didn't get any movie sequence which gives any type of story-line. Their isn't many ads and I recieved it for free. It takes about a minute to load this simple game, but I think it's due to online connectivity to deal with ads. I would pay $4 to be ad free and have quicker load time!.

I have to say, I'm rather impressed with this game, while still needing improvements, its actually one of the more enjoyable mobile old school rpg's simply due to the fact that it has the less amount of ads while being able to play the game without making any purchases! You heard that right, I'm currently on my second play through, which yes, not only can you continue after beating the game, but there's also a game plus and still more to explore and loot! Try it out, you'll love it! . Love this game! Great graphics and smooth play. I was such at one point but figured it out. I would definitely recommend!. I like it personally. It's a nicely done retro open world with challenging boss fights but it's easy to level up.. This is a very fun game with beautiful artwork. If there was two things this game can improve upon it would be a deeper and immersive story and a bigger soundtrack. If they had different music for every village it would make them feel more unique. Even with these little nitpicks the game is awesome and has so much potential with more games in the future..

The game is not loading. I was stacked up in the white screen showing HARMAN for more than a minute. I'm already halfway in the game and it will be frustrating to uninstall and start all over again.. Amazing! Similar to your other game yorozuya rpg which I adore as well. Love that we can assign battle points to whatever attributes we want(maybe u can implement this in yorozuya as well) . Even though I got used to it I would still prefer the game in full screen and the pad& buttons to be like semitransparent on top of the game screen. On the world map the towns and caves icons could be a little bit bigger as in double the size(I barely notice them at first).thanks for this game!. It should avoid stairs as much as it avoids chests and doors. Too annoying when it runs into the stairs while just trying to move. The controls are bad and the equip screen is absolutely stupid, where you can't really compare your equipment stats.. The game is great, recommended to everyone who love old school jrpg. Got those nostalgic vibe for me. Keep up the good work dev, its been a great time playing this game.

This game is like Rangsita RPG, it has the exact same builds of the mountains. Can u ask the developers (supapon pucknavin) who made Rangsita RPG to make the exact game but playable on Oppo phones, thanks:). P. S Great game you made :) It's OK, awesome game though, love it.. Aight so here's what finally gets the cows to come home on this one. Vertical game, love that. Superest duperest nonintrusove ads ever, LOVE THAT. You get 5 on that alone. Solid classic rpg elements here folks. Not gonna shake the bus but definitely a nice ride.. Interesting layout but it makes it harder to play the game with how big the buttons are and how much space they take. Moving around was hard as I either moved too fast or not at all. I was also expecting it to be horizontal based, not vertical.. The game definitly has a nostalgic vibe to it, but that is about the best compliment I can give. The controls are awful, story is... well it sucks and just suddenly ends. The post game adds nothing, but the worst? The ads. Ads if you want to save is atrocious, then I need to either watch multiple ads or spend who knows how long on luck based betting to get through the mirror tower? No, heck no. 2 stars off for the ads, 1 for the dumb puzzles, controls and 'story'. Could have been so much better..

Very good game, with an original job changing system requiring to change jobs repeatedly to achieve full potential. Can only recomand for old school rpg fans (:. Interesting game. Different take on certain game mechanics. It's fun, short, but I didn't expect it to end when it did.. This reminds me of the old fashioned Zelda type RPGs. I've only been playing for a few days but so far it's a lot of fun and I haven't had to spend any $. It's a GREAT GAME I LOVE IT. please make more game like this and also make the story very extended. this game was too good but it is sad that i am nearly fonoshed in only a few days. and also add a lot of upgrades for stuff and lot of other accessories for the heroes please. brilliant game. i got the feel that this was like gba pokemon, but in my opinion this is soooo much better than pokemon. please update and add to the game..

Surprisingly it is a good game I hope you make another game like it but preferably not a turn based And the ability to rotate your screen would be great add to the game. A great old school rpg with charming graphics, easy to understand fight mechanics, and amazing game design. This game is such a delight with lots of different options but not too complex for a beginner. You can easily save, equip different items, and change characters and fight formations. The English can be a bit weird, but doesn't detract. Tips: use the map to find paths and treasure, change map icons to see flashing icons on where to go next, talk to Everyone and explore Everything. I love the nostalgia snes-ps1 rpg styles. The only reason I'll give this only 4* is because of the controls. Seems I could only play it on portrait. But oh well, let me see your full work and I'll come again when I finished this. Great job by the way.. Such a simple game. Yet so much fun. Has that old style rpg feel to it. People should play this more!!.

It's a Good old School RPG similar to the 16bit era of video games like the RPG's on Snes & Sega-Mega Drive/Genesis, but i must add but there's no life to the characters that's why 4 stars not 5 but the controls are perfect unlike some of the other android games.. A good solid RPG based on the old school final fantasies. Real old school, circa the 1990's. If you like retro RPG's then this is an excellent game for you. Good graphics and gameplay. Charming and engaging! :). The game has a classic rpg feel. There is virtually no life to the characters, and the translations are sub par. There is room to improve, or perhaps more insight into future titles from the developer.. Old-school RPG in the style of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Looks great, especially like the monster design, combat seems pretty well-balanced and the whole package is clearly put together with love by somebody who understands what made the old games work so well. Translation has a few quirks but haven't found anything I couldn't understand. Well done!.

So far i finished it all even in the tower of mirror.... Even if this game is hard... I feel fantastic because i do it all by my self... There is just i dont get it why is this game had to play from the beginning again?? Is that for only collecting again the rare items again and again maybe there is nothing to be done anymore thanks i enjoy playing this game again and again. Great o!dschool turnbased rpg. Only cranked up several notiches. I would like to see controls set bout half current size, make it work when flipped sideways and, total walkthru in english for us with bit older tablets but, totally enjoyable. My complements to the developers. Rick Keen (old dude). This is pretty nice. Especially since I am tired of the Rpg games that Android has, and the kind of graphics they use. But this game looks and feels like Wild Arms got mixed in with Final Fantasy. Good design astetic, keep it up. Also....someday, make a good pokemon or a card game rpg. It is a little much, but I am just making a suggestion. . This game is great an open world RPG and of course its offline and the battle is superb.Good game thumbs up five star..

The control pad is too big and the in game screen is small. Can you update it to be normal like other games? Plus put character creation menu (able to choose your face, style and job at least - knight, pirate, mage n etc), some other cool stuff (see other good rpg for example). A decent in app purchases would be good. This game got potential. This game is awesome! It reminds me a lot of the First Final Fantasy game and the Dragonquest / Dragon Warrior series. I love the 3 options for sprites and the battle background art. The music is wonderful and engaging, I can change the characters' names, and I love that I get info about my quest and the game world by talking to the townspeople and other Non-playable Characters (NPC's). I look forward to changing classes and exploring the world! Developer, you did a fantastic job! Thank you!!. Thank you for making such an awesome game :D The gameplay is simple yet engaging, reminds me to some old RPGs I've played. Well done, please continue to update :). Excellent... A very nice rpg games... It reminds me of FF1... Im currently trying to unlock/discover other jobs in this game and it is so exciting to do... But i hope they can change their element type and also skills element must change also... Its just only a suggestion but to the developer, great job... You must be proud to your work... God bless guys....

Absolutely stunning. Dragon Warrior inspired classic RPG. Translation sometimes is a little funky, but who cares. Looking forward to using more jobs.. Thank you for making such an amazing game. I've also played your other games such as summon mate and yorozuya, but this one is the best. Thank you.. Great game, but it needs more post-game contents and probably needs to be more rewarding in some ways (like there's a true dragonlord which needs the party to have 800+ stats to be safe enough to engage him).. Well...this such a great game I've played..but there's a little problem that I don't really like it...cuz every step I'm always meet monsters..it's make me dizzy to play it..I hope you fix it that part...

How ironic that the one that cures poision is actually used to inflict poison on enemies. Guess you know what I mean. But I love free games and I almost complete it so it doesn't matter because I am not even using it. It is great. (Change the name of "Antidote" into "Poison Ball"). This is a great rpg game made by Shift up net. The controls are very easy to learn and the gameplay is great! It has the old school class system which I really love. The story is very interesting but it ended quickly. The post-game content is pretty big so you can explore side-dungeons to get extra items. The notorious ads are barely in this game, I've never encountered a popup ad or an ad banner that blocks a part of the screen.. Fun, a little hard to figure out where to go until you play with the map a bit. It's a great game.. I've put in two hours of game time so far. Honestly I'm really enjoying it. The gameplay is pretty solid, very early final fantasy feel. From the mechanics to how the menus look. In it's simplicity it has charm. The sprites are pretty wonderful. The hero sprites especially are pretty cool and unique to each that I've seen so far. -Ads are very limited, and doesn't take away from gameplay. -Not pay to play. Totally a fun free game. -Definitely a hidden gem so far. Keep up the good work Devs!.

One of the Best RPG. Certified a Hidden Gem on the Playstore. It may not attract younger gamers that is used to retro graphics but this is definitely a game to play. The after story Playthrough and arena is a extra feature that can hook hardcore players. Thank you for the game.. Great game overall. Great to see a game that allows the ability to choose where your skill points go to each character for each level. Replayability!. Classic Dragon Warrior/early Final Fantasy feel. Well balanced game. Complex enough to stay interesting but a small learning curve.. I've tried dozens of retro JRPGs here in Play store, this is the one that comes the closest to an NES feel..

Put down Yorozuya for a break and loaded this game for some side entertainment. Started off slow so I could back and forth with Yorozuya till it picked up all at once and would Not let me put it down. Excellent game to follow or lead Yorozuya! Love the games you are making and keep them coming. Once again, Excellent Game!. Thanks for introducing me to such an amazing genre of games .I never knew that something like this is would be my type. I really like the creator and have also played his other games.Thanks again.. I'm not sure who you guys are but, you all far exceed the talent to bring any old school RPG creation to modern day gaming consoles. Thank you. P.S. - "reminds me of SQUARE ENIX games". Thi is great but im completely unaware if what will i do next .i didnt know where to cross also to go in western dungeon with tough monsters.i want to know also if how can i get the last treasure in light dark cave since ive done everything with pixie matches but arrived in same place lighting the lights there.i hope something will be get to enter wind tower since ive traveled almost all places and i want tofinish this one.tnx for response..

great game thank you for giving us good rpg fun...simple easy to play. please make more games .old school rpg is tge best...this is what we look fir in ckassic rpg fun....

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