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ProtonVPN is a free VPN service from a Swiss company that helps you change your virtual location and maintain your privacy. Use a completely secure connection, mask your IP address, and access international social networks and websites. VPN services have always been a reliable protector for Internet users, but until recently, not everyone knew about their existence; the less they used them regularly. However, the demand for these services has skyrocketed to unprecedented highs due to recent events, which means that it is necessary to find a genuinely reliable application. This VPN gives you complete privacy, excellent security, and unlimited free use.

Mask your IP address with just a few clicks, bypass blocked websites, open access to social networks, and stay completely anonymous. A VPN can keep you safe using public Wi-Fi or potentially unreliable networks. The free version will give you all the standard features, but in addition, there is a PREMIUM subscription that offers additional features – 1400 servers in 60 countries, high-speed connections, and more.

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VERY BAD VPN BECAUSE HE'S SAY THAT FIRST U DO UPGRADE UR VPN THAN THEY CONNECTED THE SERVERS VERY BAD VERY BAD DONT DOWNLOAD THIS VPN HE'S ASK TO MAKE A GMAIL AND PASSWORD THAN ASO THEY DONT CONECTED THE SEEVERS VERY BAD APP VERY BAD APP VERY BAD APP VERY BAD APPPDONT DOWNLOAD THIS VPN THIS IS NOT FREE THIS IS CONNECT THE SERVER FOR 20 SEC THAN THEY SAY TO UPGRADE UR VPN. Really bad, can't choose free server to connect to, can't save server profile. It's a 1/10 i'd say... falsely advertised freedom! There is no freedom given to user to choose which server and which free server to save to profile for fast connect. Not working on wifi, no premium servers work if county has restricted internet wasted money on this vpn . I have also reported it from app but no response. It does what it feels sometimes it connects sometimes it does not but when it is connected it's very good. Please return the previous version, the previous version was much better, we would have come if we had money, you made a mess with this version..

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Unfortunately, the Android version does not work well for Iranians because we cannot choose the free server manually and it automatically wants to connect to a server, which does not work for us. Please update it like the iOS version so that we can choose the server manually.. Fair. It's the only free VPN recommended by CNET. Even if you are logged out of a social media account, say Twitter, that is set to your location and then open the website on web browser, the VPN won't work fully. You have to delete the app and then you can log in through the web browser.. I had NordVPN, and it was good until recently. I've been using ProtonVPN for about a month, and it's far more robust. There is a bit of a learning curve, and for those who are not technologically able, the learning curve will be steep with regard to the advanced integrations. Being in Canada, there is a noticeable lag, but it lasts a moment, and apart from that, I don't notice anything further. I am fully convinced, that Proton is unmatched!!. May I ask why in the recent update you have to pay now to manually select the country why the change??.

Proton VPN APK

I'm a paying using. After constant issues on both desktop and phone on multiple different connections, I am leaving proton. I am done. I can't take all these failed to connect and forcing me to use Netherlands when I'm in the UK. Customer service useless as ever saying it's my connection and that I should fix. No. It's your app. Literally tried on five different devices on seven different concentrations. Same issues. That means a fault your side. Accountability. Please learn it.. From personal experience, this works fine. I'm on a free subscription, and still get decent speeds. Maybe not enough for gaming, but its good enough for browsing.. Hey guys after recent update the ability to choose between servers (3 of them) on free account is gone, that's a terrible move. Please revert this decision!!. worked fine for the first few days, but now, it never connects. granted, I only used the free version, so I'm glad I didn't spend money on it. maybe it'd connect better if I gave them my money? but why do that when there are OTHER free VPN apps that actually connect, and don't take over 5 minutes to do so..

Proton VPN APK

Stopped my "No Root firewall" by greyshirts from working. An app I had used for many years to control what goes out and in to my Android phone. Rightly or wrongly for me it became a question of what's possibly more dangerous, an attack on my phone or on my data in transit which is often encrypted anyway? I chose to retain a firewall.. Trash app doesn't work all it does cause a company to flagged my IP address for illegal activity for IP abuse and it completely blocked all Internet access and apps unstall.. At first I was able to get onto a US VPN but I signed out and ever since it been automatically signing me into Netherlands or Poland. Rubbish.. The fastest VPN I've used so far. They also have other good services too and ProtonMail is very secure and user friendly too..

I would say 5 stars but they literally snuck in this latest "update" taking away the ability to choose your server on the free version. Pretty slimy.. Not sure why this has different limitations compared to other free versions of this app but you aren't getting my money for this one.. Considering this as my go-to VPN. However, I consider the absence of split tunneling in the free version an obstacle in a comprehensive evaluation.. Removed the ability for free users to choose which server they use, because they added a bunch of new servers. THAT FREE USERS CAN'T USE. Actually REMOVED features for free users. Despicable, greedy company. Go somewhere else for privacy, these guys don't care..

Not bad but it kept disconnecting one day. I had to remove it . Redownload it. Seams to be working fine now.. Super easy to use as well as all there products, support the best follow up unmatched, can't get any better the world's best to me and customer service beyond the world's best I am happy I made the decision and pay monthly for proton thank you. Bad service, I thought that's for privacy, and I feel like i don't trust that makes me feel uncomfortable when I try to connect vpn. Very slow internet connection using with vpn. I give you a rating 1/5 star.. the update sucks. this was my favorite vpn app because i use this often to play with my game now they removed the free 3 countries, it sucks. give it back..

Awesome vpn i had ever used no regret at all no advertisement no low speed connection it's awesome since it is free of cost. It takes time a little bit more than other VPNs until you get connected, but the speed is pretty high!. Great VPN with a good feature set that is based in Switzerland, which has some of the best privacy laws in the world. I've had a great us r experience with it, and I have proton unlimited so I get proton pass, proton mail, proton drive, and proton calander alongside the base VPN. These days corporations pretty much know everything about me I'm sure, but I'm doing my best to be more privacy oriented and keep what little data they don't have to myself. and proton VPN is just part of that security. It seems so good so far. But I would really like to have a firewall feature inside the app to block some apps from accessing the internet..

A Great VPN on my phone, works with no problems, easy to navigate, only downside, is that there are only 3 countries available free. Got this on my Firestick also, which is very basic, there is no access to any settings or menus, just a button to switch on the VPN.. I don't know why it keeps disconnecting my VPN, it keeps saying error and I need to check my internet but it's perfectly fine without problem, I never noticed that the VPN disconnected and I was in the middle of a suspicious site... Fix this problem. Few months back it was awesome vpn app but don't know what happened to it now really regretting for purchase its get too much slow sometimes cant even browse. Nice app, love it. I've been using it for a while now and I haven't experienced any issues. Keep it up proton vpn.

I am big admirer of Proton Ag. But for some time, vpn free service has become so slow that they unable to get connected on mobile data 100 out of 100 times. Fix it please! My reply to Proton team response:- For everyother things i do, my network connection is totally fine except proton VPN. If network is the issue, then it should be the issue for everything i do on internet.. Update sucks. The version before this new one appeared offered good features that were free at first but however now this new new version charges for the those features. Ugh i should of never updated it . Can't connect in IRAN Update : Very Very Good , but hard to connect . Hard to connect but after connect , never disconnect . ( My English is too bad . ). Cannot connect to the japanese server despite it being "free." You're forced on a stupid "fastest connection" when before you were able to freely choose what free server you wanted. Even when you try to change the server, it forces a timeout on you. Just have to hope you randomly get the server that you want unless you pay up. Predatory practices for free users..

Was the best free vpn but they just updated it and took away all the great free features now its so limited and you dont havemuch control overt which vpn you can use. It's to bad i don't want to uninstall it but it doesn't workfor me anymore. I am satisfied with your VPN service but Can you make an update that you can choose for monthly or yearly subscription then it's easier to choose but if you want to upgrade you can only choose the yearly plan Proton Unlimited119.88 VPN Plus 71.88 per year why can I not use monthly in the app 12.99 /month or Plus 9.99 /month. This company has billed me $100+ this year yet NEVER upgraded my service from the free version. I've contacted Proton "customer service" multiple times. EVERY time they ask "Send us your account information" which was ALREADY in my email. After I send it again in a 2nd email, I get no response. Until they bill me again and I send *another* email. When I had my bank block payment, they CHANGED THEIR BILLING name from PROTON VPN to just "PROTON" so they could get around the bank decline.. On the Windows, Proton VPN functions impeccably. Yet, on Android Phones, it lags enormously, crashing a lot and usually takes a thousand hours to connect to the servers.

Port forwarding is hell to set up on Linux laptop. And the app seems to drain my battery faster then usual. Edit1: Thanks. If port forwarding is fixed on Linux, I will take an unlimited subscription right away. I'm using wireguard. Mullvad didn't drain my batt. I miss mullvad but they removed port forwarding.. "Hello Nemo, Thank you for responding. Could you please clarify whether Google has contacted you with information regarding your request for reimbursement? As pointed out beforehand, you will need to communicate with them as they (Google) are the payment processor here. Looking forward to your reply." It has been a while. Proton service is fast responder, but I cannot cancel subscription ProtonVPN because Google play is not answering were is my money. Please Goole play. I was going to give it 5 stars but the new ProtonVPN logo is misplaced just look at the right corner of the logo. now get the logo right and i will gladly give it 5 stars. you heard me, get the ProtonVPN logo right! first warning... don't wait for me to give the second warning eh.. I don't think Proton is in reality a movement for privacy and freedom. It is just a business. They use privacy to advertise themselves, just like Apple. Otherwise why would Proton VPN cost the same in high income countries like Switzerland, USA, UK, Japan and low income countries like Vietnam, India, Brazil? Is privacy a luxury which only rich can afford? Or people of poor countries don't deserve privacy? Price your products as you will, but don't advertise yourself falsely and fool people..

Just Wow! Superb Ui , very good VPN, it's Open Source, 0 trackers, Hi Quality, very good for Streaming,Made in Switzerland. The Best!.

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